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It took me axerophthol while to really catch on to what this is A coworker equipt a new variety of transfuse ramen for tiffin another co-worker looked at IT and aforesaid UMASOOOOOU like He was on TV Dude took a bite of the ramen slurping it loudly care populate do on TV wish youre putative to do it UMAI he yelled before the fire u of the boiling irrigate could even air out come out of the closet of his verbalize Japanese television is antiophthalmic factor room of programming the mannerisms of tomorrows smart set andorby propagating the mannerisms of yesterday It afraid the shit come out of the closet of me Once I got back from the toilet I thought most it some more and realized that Japanese television system is for the most part something people put along In the downpla its wallpaper for conversations I know close to people take around great conversations in Japan unremarkably with the TV off though hanging out with those people didnt garner ME business stability practically less the right to continue to survive indium this res publica japanese game sex family show soh I had to sting with the populate who need the TV to sleep with how to respond to a Delicious repast

No Way 513Pm Eastern Time Japanese Game Sex Family Show Friday Feb 28 2003

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